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Providing fruits to consumers all over the world with a unique flavor and grown at the best location through sustainable, socially responsible, and vertically integrated practices; taking care of our environment, clients, team and shareholders.

We don’t want to be the biggest but we want to be the best!


Interandina’s founders come from a long tradition of fruit farming. Brothers and friends since childhood, always had the vision of growing fruits together. Later in life, we decided to create Interandina, a fruit farming, packing and export company committed to offer the best quality and flavor in all our products.

The farms are located in the Andes mountains, with sunny days, cool nights, low humidity, and clean water. We have the perfect growing conditions that enhances the flavor and texture of our fruits.

We are all actively involved in the business and oversee all aspects of the operation. As a grower-packer-shipper company, we have a great advantage since we can control all aspects of the operation hand to hand with an incredible team of young professionals, many of them have been with us since day one.

We actively travel the world to find the best varieties for our weather and keep improving the fruit eating experience.




We celebrate our success together


Fresh quality products.



We make the objectives of the organization our own. We work as a team to achieve these objectives. We celebrate our successes together We harvest quality products and provide reliable service.


We do the job right at once, taking care of the details and ensuring results. We anticipate and assume the consequences of our actions and decisions. We are aware of our environment and consider it in our actions. We responsibly comply with laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.


We openly and clearly communicate our intentions, ideas, and actions. We share truthful information.


We value each person with whom we interact. We are friendly, assertive, and diligent. The relationships established by the company’s employees are based on a frank and constructive dialogue.


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